Hair barrette with blue marble swirl resin cabochonsHair barrette with blue marble swirl resin cabochons

Marble Swirl Resin Hair Barrette


A handmade hair barrette with resin cabochons with blue marble style swirls! Each cabochon is unique so no two hair barrettes will have exactly the same pattern.

The hair barrette is made of silver plated brass and contains five 12mm resin cabochons.


Resin Cabochon, Silver Plated Brass

Care instructions

Due to the moving parts in this item, it cannot be coated with the EverBrite ProtectaClear coating. This means that some extra precautions should be taken to prevent it from tarnishing. Things like hairspray, perfumes and excessive sweat can lead to a quicker formation of tarnish. To remove tarnish or dirt, it is recommended to only clean this item using a dry polishing cloth or other soft cloth. However if it needs to be rinsed, you can rinse it with a mild soap and water. Take care to ensure that you completely dry the piece immediately after getting it wet.



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