Elftopia Fantasy Fest

Ayame Designs will be at Elftopia (map to follow soon!)

We are Elftopia

We take you on a great adventure in which the world of fantasy and pop culture is the epicenter. A utopia where elves, princesses, trolls, druids, orcs, time travelers, vikings, gnomes and wizards can meet. Everything is possible in the wonderful world of Elftopia, a festival that is intergalactically unique of its kind.

A festival of fantasy and dreams. The castle of Ooidonk is one of the most beautiful medieval castles in the Benelux located near the beautiful historic city of Ghent, Belgium and is the location of Elftopia.

An event where every cosplayer is welcome, where everyone can be themselves and can and may relax. fairy tales, star guests, storytellers, illustrators, market stalls, fire eaters, fantasy authors, workshops, concerts, delicious food trucks and special interactions with the Elftopians … Enter a dream world where everything is possible and experience your imagination!


Saturday: 10:00 – 20:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 20:00

The event is finished.

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