COVID19 Shipping Restrictions

Please note that there are still some shipping restrictions due to COVID19. Here is the list of countries we can currently ship to according to the BPost website (last update: 2nd August 2020)

Europe: all countries including Russia and Turkey, except Moldova, Faroe Islands and Montenegro.
South America: Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.
North America: Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Cuba.
Asia: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Macau, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Myanmar.
Oceania: Australia and New Zealand.
Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon and Oman.
Africa: Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, Ghana, Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Gambia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Togo, Uganda, Liberia and Ivory Coast.

Express parcel shipments are an exception: they can still be sent to all countries outside Europe, because BPost works with specific partners for these shipments. Please note that the price for express shipping starts from €32 but needs to be calculated according to the weight for each order, so email us at before ordering if you require express shipping.