Ayame Designs handcrafted electroformed copper beaded necklaceAyame Designs handcrafted electroformed copper beaded necklace

Golden Days Electroformed Ivy Leaf & Stainless Steel Beaded Necklace

Introducing the Autumnal Embrace collection.

Golden Days is a one of a kind handcrafted beaded necklace featuring an electroformed ivy leaf and Austrian crystal beads. The pendant is a real ivy leaf that has been preserved inside copper and blackened to give a darker, antique look.

This necklace has an adjustable length of 40-45cm. Please add a note if you would like it a different length.

All metal findings are stainless steel. The electroformed copper pendant is coated with Everbrite coating which means that it is safe for people with metal allergies, and will not tarnish!


Austrian Crystal Beads, Copper, Real Leaf, Stainless Steel

Primary Colour


About Electroforming

What is electroforming?
Electroforming is the chemical process of permanently plating metal (in this case, copper) onto a non-metal object. This is done by using a rectifier to send an electrical current through the electroforming solution to transfer copper from an anode to a cathode (the object to be plated with copper). This is a specialised process that can take anywhere from 8 to 24+ hours to complete a single pendant. After the object has been electroformed, it can be treated with a patina to create different colours and after this it is sealed with a protective coating to ensure that the pendant does not oxidise further.

Electroformed Jewellery Care
Each electroformed jewellery piece is made with organic materials and copper and finished with a patina and then coated using EverBrite’s ProtectaClear coating. ProtectaClear is a skin-safe, anti-tarnish clear coating that is practically invisible and will protect your jewellery from tarnish, oxidation and fading. It also makes the jewellery hypoallergenic and will help prevent metal allergies. However, due to the acidity of skin, this coating can sometimes wear off over time. If this happens, you can apply a coat of varnish or clear nail polish to seal it again if needed. To prolong the life of the coating and protect your electroformed jewellery pieces:
* Do not use solvent such as xylene or acetone to clean your jewellery, either use a jewellery cloth, or rinse with water and pat dry immediately.
* Do not shower, swim, sleep, or exercise while wearing your jewellery.
* Do not wear your jewellery while applying hairspray, lotions, or other skincare products.
* Store your electroformed jewellery pieces in a plastic bag when not in use.


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