Comic Con Brussels

Comic Con Brussels

**Rescheduled for 19-20 June!**

Ayame Designs will be trading at Comic Con Brussels 2021! More information available soon.

Information from the Facebook event:
At the beginning of this year, our normal lives were disturbed – darkness took over and caused major cracks in all our lives. But, however much it tried to isolate us, we were strong, full of courage and We. Fought. Back.
Darkness didn’t like that one bit and retaliated with unseen force and anger. It broke our bonds, our very existence cracked under the pressure of the attack – but again we stood strong, resilient and full of love and hope.
For what darkness did not know and cannot understand, is that not all fractures are bad. It is through the cracks that light can shine in and illuminate even the darkest of places.
Don’t forget that the strongest plants grow in the shade, and that only in total darkness you can see all the brightest stars. In that light, shining through the cracks of all broken things, we can always find our shared hope and love.
That is why we want to stand with you, and fight the darkness with courage, hope and our love for Geek Culture. Because of that we are announcing today that the new date for Comic Con Brussels will be Valentine’s Weekend 2021.
Let us celebrate Geek Culture again
Love will always beat a demon.
Comic Con

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Jun 19 - 20 2021


All Day


Tour & Taxis
Avenue du Port 86C, Brussels, Belgium


Comic Con Group Belgium

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